Your donation is an investment in our republic’s future.

The Speaking Proudly oratory competition depends on financial support from organizations and persons who are:

    • Eager to encourage the development of today’s girls as tomorrow’s citizens  confident,
      convincing and effective leaders;
    • Concerned about the decline in patriotic expression in our schools and community life;
    • Determined to do all they can to “keep” our republic

We realize one oratory competition cannot change an entire nation. However, it can educate and motivate individual girls to see their country in a new, more positive light. It can be a turning point in their lives and, through them, it can effect great good for decades to come.
We greatly appreciate contributions of any amount.

Sponsorship levels are:

Patriot: $1,000 and more
Red: $500 – $999
White: $250 – $499
Blue: $100 – $249

All sponsors will be recognized in the Speaking Proudly program given to competitors.

Honor Roll donations:

Your donation of $50 or more allows you to participate in Speaking Proudly’s Honor Roll of Republican Women. Nominate and vote for a Republican woman, living or deceased, worthy of recognition, or vote for one of the women already nominated. Contribute $100 and you can vote twice, $150 and vote three times, and so forth. We’ll keep a running tally of the votes and record the Honor Roll nominees in the Speaking Proudly program, so our high school-age competitors can learn about and be inspired by these women.

Honor Roll nominees:

Joanne Benson
Gerry Chapdelaine
Michelle Fischbach
Margaret Flower
Marge Gruenes
Ruby Kubista
Stella Lundquist
Alexandra Matyja
Anita Middlested
Pam Myrha
Elizabeth Willing Powel
Nancy Thompson
Eileen Tompkins
Jeannette Wier
Pat Wirtanen

Any donation of $5 or more is welcome.

If you prefer, make your check or money order payable to Metro Republican Women, with a “Speaking Proudly” notation. Mail it to Speaking Proudly, c/o Treasurer Laura Siegel, 1484 McCarthy Road, Eagan, MN 55121.

Note: All donations to Speaking Proudly will be used strictly for student prizes and the operation and promotion of the oratory competition, not for other activities of Metro Republican Women. MRW is a non-profit organization and all Speaking Proudly organizers, judges and workers are unpaid volunteers. However, because MRW is a political organization, donations to Speaking Proudly are not tax deductible.

Thank you for donating.